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Press Releases

Press Releases

Integra to Launch New Brand ID and Several RF Power Devices at IMS 2018 Philadelphia

Integra is excited to be launching their new brand identity and several new devices at this year’s International Microwave Symposium in Philadelphia, PA. They will be at Booth 815. In addition to announcing their new brand identity created by industry experts, Strand Marketing, Integra will be reviewing an exciting array of new 50-Ohm (fully matched) RF Power Transistors and integrated RF Power Modules (aka “Pallets”) for pulsed radar applications.

130 W and 135 W Matched Power Transistor Options for S-band Radar

Integra has announced a pair of 135 W and a 130 W GaN-on-SiC transistors for S-band radar applications. Both products are 50-Ohm matched high-power GaN HEMT transistors. Click to read the full release.

Single-Supply, L-Band Radar Amplifier Offers 50 Ohm at 1.2 - 1.4 GHz

IGNP1214M1KW-GPS is a single-supply 50 Ohm matched GaN-based pulsed power pallet amplifier for L-Band radar systems, operating in the 1.20 - 1.40 GHz instantaneous frequency band. Click to read the full release.

High Power, Pulsed Avionics, L-Band Pallet Operating at 0.960-1.215 GHz

IGNP0912L1KW is a 50 Ohm matched GaN-based high power pulsed pallet amplifier for L- Band avionics systems operating over the instantaneous bandwidth of 0.960-1.215 GHz. Click to read the full release.

Fully-Matched High-Power GaN/SiC Transistor Offers 50W at 5-6 GHz

We are pleased to announce the release of a fully-matched, GaN/SiC transistor, offering 50W at 5-6 GHz. This 50W transistor is an ideal solution for C-band pulsed radar system designs that require immediate full power and high gain.

GaN/SiC Preliminary Data of 50W X-band Transistor

GaN/SiC 500W L-band Long-Pulse Transistor and EDICON Participation

GaN/SiC 550W L-band and 200W S-band Transistors

GaN/SiC 80W C-band and 500W L-band Avionics Transistors

GaN/SiC 200W S-band and 380W L-band Long-Pulse Transistors

GaN/SiC 1000W L-band Pallet and 250W 960-1215 MHz Transistor

2017 Product Selection Guide

Download Integra's Product Selection Guide

GaN/SiC 500W S-band and 130W C-band Transistors

GaN/SiC 800W and 380W L-band Radar Transistors

GaN/SiC 125W and 45W TACAN/Link-16 Transistors

GaN/SiC 50-Ohm-Matched 120W S-band Radar Transistor and 1KW TACAN/Link-16 Pallet

GaN/SiC Leadership - And Other Winning Stories

GaN/SiC 10W Unmatched Broadband Transistor

Integra Announces GaN/SiC 1.3KW L-band Pallet for Radar

GaN/SiC 1.2KW IFF and 400W S-band Transistors

GaN/SiC 1KW DME and 115W S-band Radar Transistors

GaN/SiC 50-Ohm-Matched 130W S-band and 1KW L-band Transistors for Radar

GaN/SiC 1KW IFF and 650W L-band Radar Transistors

GaN/SiC 1KW Avionics Transistor and 500W S-band Pallet for Radar

GaN/SiC 50-Ohm-Matched 135W S-band Transistor

GaN/SiC 650W L-band and 250W S-band Transistors for Radar

GaN/SiC 160W UHF and LDMOS 50-Ohm-Matched 130W S-band Transistors

GaN/SiC 500W L-band and 135W S-band Transistors for Radar

GaN/SiC 500W TACAN/Link-16 and 100W Broadband Transistors

GaN/SiC and LDMOS Transistors for IFF-Avionics

GaN/SiC 1KW S-band Pallet for Radar

1kW and 200W GaN Radar Amplifiers for Aerospace Applications in P-band

Integra Technologies, Inc. (ITI), a leading designer & manufacturer of high-power RF transistors, pallets and amplifiers, announces the completion of a 1kW GaN high efficiency amplifier, IGNP0450M1000, for aerospace radar applications, funded by NASA/JPL through SBIR Phase I and II grant awards.

Broadband 10W GaN Transistor

Ready-to-Sample 10W CW, 100-6000 MHz GaN Transistor

300W CW GaN Transistor

Ready-to-Sample 300W 960-1215 MHz GaN Transistor

New 1200W GaN Transistor

Ready-to-Sample 1200W 1.03-1.09 GHz GaN Transistor for IFF-ELM-S - Highest Power in the Industry

50 ohm matched devices

New 100W+ S-band radar transistors using GaN/SiC.

1KW Pallet Portfolio

High Voltage GaN/SiC devices paralleled into 50 ohm matched pallets exceeding 1000W of output power at L/S frequency bands of operation.

High Voltage GaN/SiC

Integra Technologies produces GaN/SiC with breakdown voltages exceeding 600V which allow operating bias up to 150V for high performance devices.

Super Small S-band Pallet

380W 2.7-3.0GHz Pallet in an extremely small footprint for S-band radar applications.