Fully-matched (50-Ohm), GaN-on-SiC and LDMOS RF and Microwave Power Transistors for S-, C-, and X-band Radar Systems

One level up from our pre-matched transistors, Integra offers a suite of space-saving and easy-to-implement fully matched (50-ohm) transistors. These ultra-efficient transistors enable you to achieve SWaP-C objectives by getting more functional use out of the transistor spot in your high power amplifier’s (HPA's) block diagram. These solid-state RF Power Transistors are currently designed for RF and microwave applications from 2.7 GHz to 12 GHz (S-band, C-band, X-band) and offer output power up to 135 W. They are designed with thermally-efficient metallized packages, and provide efficiencies up to 55%. They are the ideal RF Power Transistors for advance pulsed radar design applications.

Integra offers a suite of space-saving and easy-to-implement 50-ohm Fully-matched, GaN-on-SiC and LDMOS RF Power Transistors for S-band to X-band Radar System Design.
50-Ohm RF Power Transistors
ModelFrequency Low
Frequency High
Output Power
Pulse width &
Duty factor
Matching: OhmPackage
2.703.101301550300µs, 10%5050PL44A1
2.703.10120135040ms, 50%3250PM67A1
2.703.10151250300µs, 10%3250PL32A2
2.703.10301250300µs, 10%3250PL32A2
2.703.101301243300µs, 10%3250P64H2
3.003.50151245300µs, 10%3250PL32A2
3.003.50301245300µs, 10%3250PL32A2
3.103.501151150300µs, 10%4050PL44A1
3.103.501351455300µs, 10%4650PL44A1
5.205.905014431ms, 15%5050PL44A1
5.205.90801348300µs, 10%5050PL44A1
5.405.9025154350µs, 10%4550PL44A1
8.209.20501040100µs, 10%5050PFC77A1
9.0010.00501037100µs, 10%5050PFC77A1
11.0012.0090937150µs, 10%5050PFC77A1

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