Si-Bipolar, VDMOS, and LDMOS RF and Microwave Power Transistors for Legacy Radar System Designs

Integra's lineup of pre-matched, Si-Bipolar, Si-LDMOS and Si-VDMOS RF and microwave Power Transistors include hard-to-find models for various legacy CW and pulsed radar systems. They have been optimized for specific radar applications where size, weight, frequency, and power performance variables needed to be uniquely managed. These solid-state, pre-matched transistors are suited for RF and microwave applications up to 3.5 GHz with output power requirements of up to 1500 W. They are delivered in thermally-efficient metallized packages, and provide efficiencies up to 75%. They're ideal for legacy high power amplifier (HPA) designs.

Silicon (Si) Bipolar, LDMOS and VDMOS RF Power Transistors
RF Power Transistors for Legacy Designs
Output Power
Pulse Width &
Duty Factor
0.450.45300116330µs, 10%40InputP44I1
0.450.45500106830µs, 10%40InputP64A2
1.031.03101052128x (0.5µs On, 0.5µs Off), 1%50NoneP32A5
1.031.03201461128x (0.5µs On, 0.5µs Off), 1%50NoneP32A5
1.031.0370965128x (0.5µs On, 0.5µs Off), 1%50InputP32A5
1.031.031401256128x (0.5µs On, 0.5µs Off), 1%50InputP32A5
1.031.031901275128x (0.5µs On, 0.5µs Off), 1%50InputP32A5
1.031.03250862128x (0.5µs On, 0.5µs Off), 1%50InputP32A5
1.031.033501172128x (0.5µs On, 0.5µs Off), 1%50InputP32A5
1.031.036601157128x (0.5µs On, 0.5µs Off), 1%50InputP64A2
1.031.03800952128x (0.5µs On, 0.5µs Off), 1%50InputP64A2
1.031.031000958128x (0.5µs On, 0.5µs Off), 1%50InputP64A6
1.031.0315156748x (32µs On, 18µs Off), 6.4%48NoneP32A5
1.031.0340105748x (32µs On, 18µs Off), 6.4%48InputP32A5
1.031.03110116548x (32µs On, 18µs Off), 6.4%48InputP32A5
1.031.0322095648x (32µs On, 18µs Off), 6.4%48NoneP32A5
1.031.03470105748x (32µs On, 18µs Off), 6.4%48InputP64A2
1.031.0370107010µs, 1%50InputP32A5
1.031.03190127010µs, 1%60InputP32A5
1.031.03250106110µs, 1%50InputP32A5
1.031.03350125910µs, 1%50InputP32A5
1.031.031000105710µs, 1%50InputP64A6
1.031.031300105010µs, 1%60InputP64A6
1.031.031000185550µs, 2%50InputPL124A1
1.031.03950165548x (32µs On, 18µs Off), 6.4%50InputPL124A1
1.031.03160175350µs, 2%50InputPL32A1
1.031.03280165150µs, 2%50InputPL84A1
2.8562.85630105012µs, 3%40Input & OutputP32A5
2.8562.85665115312µs, 3%40Input & OutputP32A5
2.8562.856250115212µs, 3%40Input & OutputP32A5
3.003.0060125212µs, 1%40Input & OutputP32A5
3.003.0020094812µs, 1%40Input & OutputP32A5
0.1250.1676509621ms, 20%34NoneP44I1
0.190.2656508581ms, 20%34NoneP44C5 x2
0.6530.68710104920µs, 2%50NoneP32A5
0.6530.687100136220µs, 2%50InputP32A5
0.6530.687100095520µs, 2%50InputP64A6
0.870.9912853300µs, 15%36NoneP44C3
0.870.9950852300µs, 15%36InputP44C3
0.870.991001069300µs, 15%36InputP44C3
0.870.99210859300µs, 15%36InputP44C3
0.961.21570116410µs, 10%50Input & OutputP32C1
0.961.215210125310µs, 10%50Input & OutputP44C7
0.961.215350115710µs, 10%50Input & OutputP54A5
0.961.21550085610µs, 10%50Input & OutputP64A2
0.961.21560095310µs, 10%50Input & OutputP64A28
0.961.215301161450µs, 15%36InputP22A1
0.961.215701258444x (7µs On, 6µs Off), 22.7%44Input & OutputP22A1
0.961.2152001058444x (7µs On, 6µs Off), 22.7%44Input & OutputP54A5
0.961.21515144410µs, 10%50NonePL32A1
0.961.21560174810µs, 10%30Input & OutputPL44B1
0.961.215150135510µs, 10%50Input & OutputPL84A1
0.961.21540094610µs, 10%50Input & OutputPL95A1
1.0251.15500164910µs, 1%50Input & OutputPL84A1
1.0251.1510114310µs, 1%50Input & OutputP32C1
1.0251.1520105110µs, 1%50Input & OutputP64A8
1.0251.1550114910µs, 1%50InputP32A5
1.0251.15150103010µs, 1%50Input & OutputP44C14
1.0251.15500105410µs, 1%50Input & OutputP54A5
1.0251.15800105010µs, 1%50Input & OutputP64A6
1.0251.151100105010µs, 1%60Input & OutputP64A6
1.031.0915174650µs, 2%50OutputPL32A1
1.031.09275155350µs, 2%50Input & OutputPL84A1
1.031.09550174950µs, 2%50Input & OutputPL84A1
1.031.0920154348x (32µs On, 18µs Off), 6.4%50NonePL32A1
1.031.09110155048x (32µs On, 18µs Off), 6.4%50InputPL32A1
1.031.09200175548x (32µs On, 18µs Off), 6.4%50InputPL64A1
1.031.09110094432µs, 2%60Input & OutputP64A6
1.201.406947100µs, 10%28InputP32C1
1.201.40321154100µs, 10%40InputP32A5
1.201.4055947100µs, 10%40InputP32A5
1.201.40130954300µs, 10%50Input & OutputP32A5
1.201.40150850100µs, 10%40Input & OutputP32A5
1.201.40375960300µs, 10%42Input & OutputP64A28
1.201.40101348200µs, 10%30OutputPL32A1
1.201.40601448300µs, 10%30Input & OutputPL44B1
1.201.4025013601ms, 10%30Input & OutputPL124A1
1.201.4040144216ms, 50%30InputPL32A1
1.201.40200124216ms, 50%30Input & OutputPL124A1
1.451.5565084650x (0.5µs On, 1.5µs Off), 1%50Input & OutputP64A24
2.252.55151041200µs, 10%36Input & OutputP44A3
2.252.5580848200µs, 10%36Input & OutputP32A5
2.252.55110942200µs, 10%36Input & OutputP44C4
2.252.55160954200µs, 10%38Input & OutputP32A5
2.252.55160946200µs, 10%34Input & OutputP44C4
2.702.905842100µs, 10%32Input & OutputP32C3
2.702.9025945100µs, 10%36Input & OutputP32C1
2.702.90901051100µs, 10%36Input & OutputP32A5
2.702.901701050100µs, 10%36Input & OutputP32A5
2.703.10251043200µs, 10%36Input & OutputP44L1
2.703.10110950200µs, 10%36Input & OutputP32A5
2.703.10110945200µs, 10%36Input & OutputP44C4
2.703.10301346100µs, 10%28Input & OutputPL32A1
2.703.10601143300µs, 10%32Input & OutputPL32A1
2.703.101401345300µs, 10%32Input & OutputPL64A1
2.703.501201033300µs, 10%32Input & OutputPL124A1
2.903.1055949100µs, 10%36Input & OutputP44C3
2.903.10155942100µs, 10%36Input & OutputP44C4
2.903.301301145300µs, 10%32Input & OutputPL84A1
2.903.40100840100µs, 10%36Input & OutputP32A5
3.103.4015845300µs, 10%36Input & OutputP32C3
3.103.40251045300µs, 10%36Input & OutputP32C1
3.103.4070850300µs, 10%36Input & OutputP32A5
3.103.401001042300µs, 10%36Input & OutputP32A5
3.103.505830100µs, 10%36Input & OutputP44A3
3.103.5020835100µs, 10%36Input & OutputP44A3
3.103.5045942100µs, 10%36Input & OutputP44C3
3.103.5065849100µs, 10%36Input & OutputP44C4
3.103.5075949100µs, 10%36Input & OutputP44C4
3.103.50100945100µs, 10%36Input & OutputP44C4
3.103.50301040300µs, 10%32Input & OutputPL32A1
3.103.501201041300µs, 10%32Input & OutputPL84A1
3.103.501801237300µs, 10%32Input & OutputPL124A2
3.103.5020103516ms, 50%28Input & OutputPL32A1

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