Here when you need us

Here when you need us

Here when you need us

Here when you need us

Consider us your support team for your radar's high power amplifier (HPA) design.

Finding your power can be challenging when the RF power design questions can be as elusive as the answers. That's why Integra is ready around the clock to help you with the application engineering of high power amplifier (HPA) designs. We've seen and resolved challenges in every HPA design approach imaginable, and can help you avoid the engineering pitfalls we've seen before. So call us or send us your questions, and let us know what's holding you back from finding your power.

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Tech Brief Describes How to Choose the Best RF Power Transistor

The best solid-state, high power amplifiers (HPAs), especially those used in critical defense, aerospace, and weather-radar applications, start with the right choice of discrete or integrated RF power transistors. 


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